Night maps

@OldKingHamlet please talk with someone to remove night maps, I literally can’t see anything as predator with thermal vision on or off.

Never mind it’s fine now, but maybe make it so dithers lens works.

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ill sugg


I thought they just flat out ignored it, I’m happy they at least look at it. 😂

Maybe you need an eye exam or an new monitor/TV.

Maybe, or I could just turn down the gamma.

Turn the gamma down? Do you want it to be even darker you mean?

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From thermal vision, it was so bright it was blurry.

Turn the gamma up to 3.0

If you turn down the gamma it’s going to be even darker, it has nothing to do with the blur, that’s effects details.

I turned it to 2.4 I think

I already did it and i like it better and my fps doesn’t drop anymore on excavation.

No. Ask Illfonic again to do that for you…

Just turn it up slightly every time you play on a night map and see if it helps
Turn it up to 3.0 … play … then adjust
After the match , turn it back to whatever you usually use

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I hate night maps. Playing both as Pred and FT.