Night Vision Goggles / Effect

Hello so I’m very pleased to see how far the game has come and it definitely has improved significantly from Launch. I came back to play it on PS4 since I’m a fan of these type of games like Predator and Friday 13th. 🤘

My issue is with how bright the Night Vision looks in this game. It’s way too bright and its actually more of a hindrance than a benefit when you’re in the midst of chaos shooting and trying to look for the Predator. A good reference for NVGs is Breakpoint and COD.

Also, it’d be nice to add other forms of Night Vision kind of like Thermals or maybe some special Predator Night Vision Goggle that can help detect the Predator. Some gadgets to use against the Predator would be cool. Like some booby traps, net launcher, emp grenade, taser gun, etc. Maybe even throw a Flame Thrower ! 🔥

Another thing I love is how the maps are mostly at night but maybe add more weather effects like a storm or monsoon. Maybe some new maps would be cool too, like a city map. Lastly, a new game mode would be nice. Maybe like a Search n Rescue. Let’s say I die while on a mission, well now my team has to rescue me from a Predator like Gulag. That way the game lasts longer and adds it a spin to it. Maybe this type of game mode will make better use of classes . That’s all I got!

Thank you for such a fun & nostalgic game, I hope you guys keep making more content and other awesome games!😎

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Who’s gonna tell him?



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I was just reading the first section, knowing assuredly, how much they’d be chewed out lol