No Friends List PC

Hi I have Predator Hunting Grounds on PC and my friends list is blank, i’ve had the game since launch and neva seen a friends list someone please help!!!

It’s shift + F3
Or go to the friends list under customisations.

ok shift F3 that brings up the epic friends list what about the in game friends list where u actually invite people under customs, thats the one thats blank the ingame list, the epic list comes up but i cant invite from that

Is your profile set to online?
So, that you have a green dot instead of a red one?
Maybe if your set offline and your friends are all online, you can’t see them.

do you know for sure some of ur friends have it?

They will only show in the invite list if they are actually playing the game now.

well no. i still woulda thought someone woulda popped up but i guess not. what about the ps4 crossplay i have a friend on there would they show they on hunting ground on ps4 if im pc?

i think they have to have epic account and link to their PSN . someone else will know better cuz iv not done it. but i think yes it works

ok they have it linked but they dont have a pc to accept the request i know you can accept it through fortnite ima have them try that.

Get some friends first

I have epic friends just none on PHG

Ok yes they have to actually be on PHG for them to show up and since my friend was on ps4 n i pc she had to go to a computer n accept my request so it was alot but its done, thanks for everybodys input