No more disbanding Clash matches!

So I think something that would help make clash more fun and stick with the fast paced theme is to not have to re-queue every time a match ends. So, I think it would be better if once the match ends you stay in the same lobby but a new match starts. So you stay with the same people and they can leave and new people enter and it will keep the matches going. Basically how every other shooter does it.

Also: Clash Rewards! We need more VT for playing Clash to keep people wanting to play the mode. Because right now the payout of VT is garbage.


You can do party mode too with clash. Thats basically the same as what you’re asking for.
Although there are no rewards for that.

-I would rather them add Pigs to clash which it is lacking now. But then you’d have ppl complain that ppl can play as pred longer than they would want them to.
And if they are low on health, they could just run away and hide in the map somewhere for the hell of it.

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