No new Fireteam anything????

Anyone noticed how nothing new has been added for the fireteam since Isabelle came out in August 2021. illfonic has given us 7 new predators since then but nothing for fireteam in almost a whole year.No characters, weapons,or gear even though we have asked for 2 new DLC characters(Royce and Harrigan) for months.

Cause fireteam really doesn’t need anything new.


Fireteam got everything new for the first year and a half. The only new thing pred has is the fucking wrist launcher and melee weapons that all work the same


7 new broken predators that are half made and missing key features, mr black and falcon are the exact same models just reskinned


Yet, there’s more Pred characters than FT…

Who else can they really add? U know well enough we are not getting Harrigan, the only plausible ones are Royce, and Keyes(Keyes cause he said he wanted to join Dutch in the field)

There’s a lot of characters from Predator87 and Predator 2010 that can be added…

True, but I’m speaking more in terms of weapons and gear. The different pred classes don’t add any depth to the game. They don’t help pred against the FT. Needs weapons and gear

and there is 10x as much customization for ft than pred, ft gets customization and pred gets premade crap models that have no customization

I guess you bought wrong game dude
This game is about Predator not soldiers
There are alot of Fireteams in other games you can try

like alien fireteam

I believe this thread is about FT characters and that’s what i’m talking about…
Sure almost none of Pred’s DLC’s brought new gear/weapons, but that’s not the point here i guess.


My friend, how absurd for you to say that…
See how content-poor the game is! Virtually Nothing has been added for the Soldiers!
With these new Soldiers, we have the addition of:

  • 1 Face Paint - “Dutch” '87.

  • 1 Full Protection Mask - Nolan.

  • 4 Assault Rifles - O.W.F.L Pitbull; The Hammerhead; “Dutch” '87 Rifle and Plasma Rifle.

  • 1 sniper rifle - Isabelle’s New Rifle.

  • 1 Special Weapon - Dante’s Missile Launcher.

  • 1 New Knife -“Dutch” 2025.

  • 1 Secondary Weapon - The PDL.

  • 4 New Equipment. The Resuscitation Syringe; The UAV Radio; The Anti-Camouflage Grenade and Energy Discharge Mine of the O.W.L.F.

If I forgot an item, please let me know.
Now, I ask: The Soldiers don’t need anything else!?

One thing that irritates me deeply about this game is the lack of exclusivity for certain items.
Some items have the name of who they belong to.

But because of this free exaggerated customization, the items lose their exclusivity and what could be a differentiator in the gameplay.

And the worst, is that the added items, all came with defects.
Some items that came into the Game since launch, to this day are still used more.

I think you are completely wrong in your thinking.
Soldiers urgently need more items and fixes.
Starting with the fact that Soldiers should not have in the same Class, a Man and a Woman.
Simple things!
No useless customizations.
Just like for the Predators, where they keep adding new Masks, Warpaints and Trophies.
This, for the Gameplay, is for Absolutely NOTHING!

So FT gets 10+ weapons/gear and pred gets wrist launcher


actually had wrist launcher, now its a nerf gun

Well the 35th anniversary of Predator is coming up

Another great opportunity to disappoint

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Five more years and we might get a new game. 40th anniversaries are usually a big deal.

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The predators have this problem, worse than the soldiers.
But the topic of the coment singled out the soldiers.
And I thought it was absurd for our colleague to say that soldiers don’t need any new additions in the game.
If someone asked me today, what would the Game need, to significantly improve, I would say the first thing would be to make Small adjustments and bring new Content for Soldiers and Predators that we already have in the Game.
Because they all seem to be incomplete in some way.
I say that, based on the Predators and Soldiers we’ve had in the Game since launch.
The New Soldiers and New Predators that have been added are no better than the ones we had before. That’s a problem.