No parry

This has happened a handful of times.

There are times in matches where FT is unable to parry. You don’t get the parry prompt and you can’t parry even if you have the knife out and try. Almost as if parry was disabled like you can do in primate match modifiers

the only thing i know is that if you have no stamina you can’t parry anymore

aside from that yeah this bug sucks

that only happens when you just ran out from a long run and the screen turns white, which is very rare if you know the basics of gameplay

Idk man i’ve had instances where i’ve parried a pred several times then my stamina ran out and i “missed” 2 parries in a row before parrying them again

the parry stun recharges your stamina. just like jumping, as long as you don’t have that white screen, you can still jump and parry, even if stamina is fully depleted. only time it takes a delay to recharge is when it runs out while sprinting for a few seconds

What they finally have F.T lose stamina when they melee?!

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It always has. Also drains 2HP.

Nerf wristblade, buff parry.

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@James-Cameron nerf a pred? Isn’t just saying that a bananble offense? LOL

No way I never noticed 😳

One does not simply ban James Cameron.