No reinforcements

My squad my buddies! Your sick devs! making us watch as we hope for reinforcements but then we just see our team slowly be mutilated by the Predator! Lol jk

Edit: Oh but the reinforcements part fix it please

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More than one Ft running comms?

Seems having more than one brings the reinforcement back so fast, it doesn’t pop up lmao


I noticed that too.
When at least two Comms, not matter if support or OWLF sometimes the reinforcement doesn’t pop up.

I have seen this happen repeatedly with OWLF Agent running Comms - reinforcements don’t work. @OldKingHamlet

Yeah what are the conditions for the Reinforcement Station not appearing? Cos shouldn’t it start its countdown as soon as one FT member is killed? Otherwise it’s bugged and happens all too frequently, no Reinforcement Station countdown is triggered when it should.