No reinforcements

Now as a Predator Main I disagree with the idea of having reinforcements…that are the same players from the match, they know what they are up against and it should be players waiting in Q so it’s more realistic, they are jumping into a hot zone knowing there is a hostile but don’t know for certain, it would be fun because it’s a surprise situation for both Predator and Fireteam, will it be a better play or scared potatoes lol 😂


Sounds fun but I don’t think illfonic could program that even if they tried also it would probably cut load in times for fireteam by half.


They would have to be queued up as spectators first so unless they’re staring at some boring image, they’d know who they’re fighting. Otherwise reinforcements could take a few minutes and that would never work, especially if you gotta stay in the vicinity.

perhaps you should


I’m already past 150, I bought all the cosmetics and collected more rare trophies I can count, hell I can display them if you want to see 🙄 but I’m just talking about a feature that would implement more people to play this game so the devs will have incentive to fix this game

Not necessarily, just imagine loading in to play Fireteam, already someone in a different game is calling reinforcements, then pop your in the game! Then you will have to complete the mission the last team couldn’t finish

Ya I know maybe someday

I mean that is Hardcore Hunt is for…

Wait that’s a game mode? WHEN?!

Private match modification

Oh! Then nvm then lol, how bout Fire? You wanna tussle lol 😂

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Sure, evil dead lol

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We can throw down in evil dead. Assemble a group.

Is that a game mode?

… the new evil dead game. It’s fun.

I has no money 😔

I’m sorry to hear that.

It’s hard with the new move, I’m struggling financially since I lost my shelter job because of it, now I’ve been security for a electric company but it’s contract so the shifts vary 😔 but at least rents paid

That sucks hopefully you find something better.