No timer on departure

I don’t think there should be a timer, no matter how long it takes, especially when the timer runs out and if all the soldiers are alive the Predator simply appears on the victory scene


Remove the timer now!

Remove the training wheels!

Remove the crutch!

Git Gud!

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Seriously theres a reason why the timer exists.

IDK where people get the idea that the timer hinders the game.

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it doesn’t help

It’s completely useless

FT already camp

This hurts new players as well as the campers themselves

Without a timer these betas will eventually die instead of weasel their way out

Only timer should be for extraction

Even then the game shouldn’t end

Predators fight to the death

Not as long as the time allows

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Dude a time out is a pred win. They’re not weaseling themselves out they’re straight up losing. Plus also, your killing death squads camping on top of derailed and underneath Backwater?


Seriously you’ll get preds who’ll literally just cloak the entire match afterwards and run. Yay. Even more exploits.

The pred does keep on fighting, just not you

In all honesty I don’t care about the timer

I was just being enthused for the sake of being enthused 😅

Plenty of games don’t have a timer though and it’s not a campocalypse

Like what?

Dead by Daylight

Certain modes in call of duty and battlefield

The thing about DBD is that the way to bully killers is to rush time. Which is more affective than hiding.

Not too mention survivors can’t camp in DBD. At least traditionally.

As for cod idk.

After the timer runs out Pred can scan ANYTIME. To see location of FT.

I’m not afraid of the FT hiding. I’m afraid of the pred hiding.

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if by chance the predator does nothing then the soldiers win the game, and if the soldiers do nothing the predator will catch them anyway or die trying

I would like a mode with no timer would be more fun to plan an actual hunt instead of a race against the clock. It would be extremely immersive. I don’t see an issue with makin a mode without a timer. Why not? This game is lacking content so at least let the players play freely. Idk, there are just so many times where I’ll be playing as pred and think to myself…damn wish I had time to feel like a predator. As far as the FT camping infinitely, I mean hey it’s not like they can just disappear from the map. “Hunt” them down. It would probably expose a lot that is wrong with the base mechanics of the game and possibly provoke a fix or two. I think it’s a great idea. I endorse this heavily.

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DO you know DBD? You know those crows that appear above your head? That’s to keep you from camping. You know EGC? That’s to make the game end. Gone are the days when matches could last hours because the last guy won’t try to leave in fear of death and will hide in the basement because the killer is too busy guarding the exits.

DBD has added timers to its game to stop camping.

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The game doesn’t end does it?

Does it end if the gates/hatch are open and survivors are still on the map?

My knowledge of that game is casual as I dont play that often

Lets just say the Predator has a Predator spaceship, monitoring the hunt EXPOSE campers, with a red or bright aura that shows through walls.

They can be marked COWARD/DESERTER.

A good chunk of Veritanium should be awarded for killing such a player. Lets say 1000 to 5000 depending on how much damage they have done to the Predator.

ALSO a COWARD will lose Veritanium after camping, hiding, and or stalling AFTER the 15min timer expires.

Okay, there are two mechanics that keep the survivors from camping.
Stillness crows: after a minute of not moving much and not doing interactions, or hiding in a locker, a crow will appear above you. After 30 more seconds, the killer will get a noise indicator every 10 seconds. Now since the survivors are powerless in the face of the killer, (Ie, the four of them can’t hide on the garage doors in derailed and melt any pred who can see them) This removes their ability to hide and camp, because the killer knows where they are and can come to attack them.
End Game Collapse: When the killer closes the hatch or a gate is opened by anyone, a two minute timer will start. Its the orange bar at the top of the screen. The bar becomes grey is someone is down or hooked and it cuts the speed in half. When the timer runs out, all the survivors die. This is so you can’t just hide somewhere because the killer has the gates covered.

Camping was a big problem. Ask any of the older players of their infinite matches. Survivors are the power role in DBD. They determine how long a match can go.

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A. Its an insta kill on all survivors if the timer goes down

FT objective is a race against the clock.

But with more camping.

Personally, I don’t think the timer’s the issue. It’s the FT completing their objectives and calling in the chopper within about 3 minutes. How would getting rid of a timer solve this??