No Veritanium awarded

Hey. I’m not being awarded with any Veritanium at the end of my matches.
I get the one i collect during the matches, but the bonus one at the end i don’t. As FT or as Pred.
What’s up?

again? after more than a year of level 150 and collecting xp for nothing and these veritanium fails should have given us something, illfonic doesn’t take care of us, they don’t take care of their customers, that’s it, good players since the beta have left the game and just there are standard players who are passing through

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I know right. What is even more odd is from what i’ve seen on videos on Twitch and Youtube matches from other players after this last patch, their VT gained shows in the after match stats. Mine shows everything but the VT.
I don’t really care about the VT itself, cause i got all items unlocked/purchased but it makes me wonder what more things are not functioning in my game.
Also, on my main menu i got this bar that jumps from “patch 2.37 is now available” from “patch 2.39 is now available”. What the hell does this mean?
@Kassinaillia i need answers please.


It only happens on public matches. On Private matches, the Veritanium is awarded.

Hi, are you still experiencing this issue? Also, do you know of anyone also experiencing this?

Yes, i’m still experiencimg this.
From the videos and streams i watch,.people still getting that VT after match like before.
I still get it on Private Matches, but not always.