No voice lines, or roars and other pred sounds

I play on PC, and ive restarted the game and all of that.

Any other solutions, that you guys made it work?

I might reinstall the game, but first wanted to ask.

If you reinstall, i think all of your progress will be saved, just not your loadouts. All of your data is stored on illfonics servers

I dont really know what will happen, but by all means go ahead

Hi! Did you ever end up reinstalling your game?

I thought the Audio Bug was an exclusive feature for PS players. This has been reported many times and still: nothing. Good luck if you reinstall the game

Not entirely exclusive to PS however it predominantly happens on there. PC usually gets the other audio bug where it’s the opposite. They’ll get deafening noise in certain parts of the map that prevents them from hearing anything.

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Ok, I still feel kinda special then.

P.D.I do get a high volume Predator’s roar every once in a while.

If you set the “voiceover” setting to cero (zeus voice and shit) you won’t hear any pred sounds. They are all tied to the same virtual audio channel.

Try moving that setting up and down while you are in game to check if you start getting pred sounds again, but you won’t be able to mute zeus without muting pred sounds. That’s just how the game is coded.

On PS5 Pred sounds are SFX sounds. I have my voiceover on ZERO and i still hear all Pred sounds.

Whaaaaat? I could only wish

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Sound bug

Also, i have the game on pc aswell and works the same way. Voiceover on ZERO and i hear all Pred sounds…

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Gotta test that

Last time I checked we could hear foot stomps and tree climbing, but clicking and other sounds were not audible

On my account, i can hear the Pred noises (and FT and AI voices) with voice over on 0.
On my wifes/kids account i can’t.

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Your just better than them

More worthy

that is fucking weird as fuck