Nolan Mask

I recently obtained the Nolan mask and trying to figure out how to activate the cloak and vision. Does anyone know how to do this? Appreciate any help I can get.

You don’t, it’s just a cosmetic item

If you’re on PC you can activate the cloak, not all players knows this. But the Predator can still see you if it uses the vision mode, since it shows your body heat, so there’s no point in using the cloak. Unless you have a really good sniper on your team, who can shoot and destroy the Predator’s bio mask so it can’t use the vision mode.

I think he thinks that with Nolan’s mask he can have thermal vision like the predator.

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I declare you to be a stupid

You have to hold the Y key for 5 mins then it activates

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That’s what I was thinking…just looks cool…no cloak or vision. Thanks for the Intel.