NOMAD THEORY TIME! Tank Predator is next to be Released!



Knowing the mental state of the average AvP Fan, I wouldn’t doubt it if someone actually bites and goes through legal trouble.

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Not a chance.
Didn’t buy Wolf.
I’m not buying Emissary.
I will buy DLC’s again when @IllFonic fix (that damn door) all those things i’m not gonna repeat and we have the same ammount of FT characters as of Predators.


I checked every post about Exiled Predlocks and there is no answer
I guess they are just ignoring about this or maybe they really don’t have anything to say

You have to be lvl 500 to get Exiled Predlocks LOL 😂

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I’ve checked on Reddit too and people there are finally realizing that Exile and those who bought him got shafted.



At least it gives me something actually grind for.

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Alrighty, I kinda have to buy the new character so I can do builds, breakdowns, and opinion videos on it anyway.

But I already bought them lol 😂 with REAL MONEY!!! 💰

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I’m trying not to question it, but not gonna lie the locks look sick! I just wish we had a good version so I can make a Super Saygian Build

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I have many ideas myself that’s why I want them so badly lol 😂

I don’t depend on that so i’m free to stand for this principle. No functioning game, no money from me. If more people did this, this game would be much better…

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I actually have some ideas right now! Some more Earth Warrior Predators can be forged but I can’t because stupid internet -3-

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Someone say Super Saiyan?

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Praying if (more like when), we get new Predators, there needs to be more of a niche or a reason that makes them special other than rejuggling the same specializations/weapons/gear/mechanics all the other Predators share.

For example, Emissarys Bio states he constructed gear using human tech. Couldn’t we have had a new gear item or yautja pov hybrid weaponry using human tech, like owlf did with Yautja tech?

Also with Tanks description, it says he endures pain till the hunt is over. No 2nd win function, new perks, hell of alot of health?!

More incentive other than “Hey this looks awesome” (which I’m all for).

More new new ya know?


It would be cool to see a Yautja plasma rifle.