NOPE movie

Anyone going to see or have already seen it? Ima go check it out tonight, but wanted to know some opinions on it with out spoilers just whether it was good or not

Nope, have not seen it

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I can’t even figure out wtf this is about

is it supposed to be horror? comedy?

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I know the first trailer I saw I thought it maybe possibly had aliens.

The trailers are there to let you know it exists and that’s it. It has no hook.

Seen long previews for it in the theatre for JWD. Looked like a horror/comedy. Can’t quite tell everything that’s going on tho…

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I think it is aliens , I might check it out but peele just seems to sell his movies on having black leads . No matter what colour a director is , if they sell off the back of peoples colour, I give it a wide birth .

His other movies looked shite , he’s a discount version of M.night shamalamadingdong

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He does creepy better but they’re both hacks

Last movie I saw was the world being overran by clones armed with scissors. Cool musical theme though.
stuff’s artistically distinct if nothing else. no one else is going to make a movie with horses and wacky wavy inflatable tube men

you poor soul

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I’d prefer more Keye and Peele personally

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Some of their skits were funny , some were just straight up trash

Don’t care. The trailer started off good, then took a bunch of bath salts and drove off a cliff.

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I can’t help but think if this is a.witty way of saying you ARE going to watch the movie


I’d argue most were funny some had me dying of laughter and some didn’t really hit the mark

Either way it’s more entertaining to me than his horror takes

I wasn’t as high as you at the time of watching it mate

Wasn’t planning on it, but I’m a bit curious

Looks cool but for the most part, its hard to figure what is film worthy or what should be a tv series. I actually thought it was a tv series. Jordan Peele , love his comedies but i still think he’s just tv series qualiity. But then i don’t know what he’s going for which is why its tv quality. Maybe there is a niche for him in films where audiences want something not found on netflix or something.
Its still Covid times and ppl should go to watch it.

Ok so after seeing the movie it was different ill say that. If you want the spoiler ill tell you but yea peele does do black leads but I actually really likes that movie Get Out so I thought I’d give this one a chance.

Shuddup, I thought it was fine, leave me alone!