Norse hammer is $h¡+

Cmon Illfonic can you make some good weapons with better tracking?? Or fix the tracking


Its better then the axe, that’s for sure. But I think the tracking is part of the balance, right now you can avoid the heavy swing by sidestepping, if that would track after you, the entire power of the weapon would change. At the very least they would need to make sure you can parry that if you can no longer sidestep it.

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the whole point of the hammer and the axe is that they are the ultimate If you get hit by this it’s your fault

shit does 90 damage on a heavy hit with NO perks 2 hits of that with fearless and every single class would drop same with the axe now which does 115+15bleed

if it had good tracking zerkers/vikings would guarentee one kill per encounter (which albeit would be a good thing for giving these classes some favorable balance since right now it’s hunters or nothing against good teams)
hell the hammer even has the disorient on Near misses so your more likly to land the 2nd hit and it flashbangs on hit


Yeah I know that damage is nice but damn they need to fix the weapon tracking. Like the axe now the hammer.

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Just keep with the heavy attack as lights are just slow and can be parried from afar. Just got to do in and out bonks.

People REALLY need to stop saying berserkers are bad. Berserkers are crazy tough, especially now, and with any build. Long range, near unstoppable. Close range, total units. Vikings and valkyries are even tougher, almost making berserkers obsolete for the additional melee bonus damage.

Honestly I used to think it was really garbage but after a while and using it a lot it’s kind of easy now really isn’t difficult to get hits. But I’m sure it’s different when playing against PC players

They are objectivly worse than hunters or valks though

For reference I am someone who does not care about potatoes who miss 60% of their shots use xp perks on all builds and don’t equip specs

I only care about how is X against teams that each player will land minimum+50% of shots avg dmg of 900 for 3 of 4 players each dude is using an optimal spec+perk loadouts and guns that complement them and will finish missions in 7min or less

Numbers on Hammer Vs Axe vs Elder Sword in pred pvp?

Hammer heavy is 90 no perks light is 36
Idk the viking light hit but heavy hit is 115+15 bleed
Elder sword on hunter is 58 to 110 to 188 the speed of the 3 I believe the elders word is faster and finishing a full combo than the other 2 are at swinging 2 heavies

Pres vs pred in clash preds deal like 40-50% more dmg so do the math

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Is mashing heavy axe attacks optimal at all for a slapfight at all or is elder sword still the be all and end all with the double initial hit and fast af combo?

Probably the ES

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Illfonic plz
rocket launcher elder sword clash meta.
Ill try hit and run dark souls axe for the meme atleast maybe one person will die to bleed and it’ll be funny & worth the anguish

Dude a good fireteam working together is unstoppable, any predator build is good against ransoms but if the fireteam is working together the predator better be exceptional and lucky.

I kinda like the hammer cause it’s op with fearless but Yeah I do agree with the tracking problem