remember when this game was good?

As in…not broken?

Well i dont, because that was 2 years ago.

We’ve entered the age of Fantasma…the age of memery.

This is fireteam: hunting grounds.


It’s been broken since 3 years ago lol, with shit that still hasn’t been fixed to this day. All they add is copy paste DLC

i play on PC…so no broken. but you know for Playstation, controller is always broken.
and um its still a fun game. so if its broken , do you play on shit system?

But if you bought a PC in 1999 i guess it would be broken. So would your livelyhood if thats the case.
and then your opinion would be untrustworthy.

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ONLY BECAUSE YOU SUCK and we would rather not tell you the truth. so meme make you laugh a little.

The fuck you talking about, game was broken since launch


Game was not launchable…thus your 400 hours in game is meaningless.

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If you kill everyone who plays the game become fun again


The audio bug has been around since open beta, has it not?

Theres several, which one are you talking about

The big cheese. The head honcho, if you will. The one everyone means when they say ‘audio bug’.

@Madisyn_Skye remember our funny match where you long claimed me and then self destructed because of AI

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Its @Samhain13 with his homo lover.

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That still triggers me. I HAD THAT WON! You were all dead!! 😭 Fuckin AI

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