Not getting awarded Veritanium in private matches!

Ps4. Sometimes I don’t get veratanium I pick up awarded to me at the end of the game. Please fix ASAP thank you.

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Yeah I got that too. @OldKingHamlet @Courier please fix ASAP.

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Man if I probably get this too but its hard keeping track when you have over a billion

Send me videos of a match where this doesn’t happen. If it’s inconsistent, there might be an event occurring somewhere that’s causing the VT issue. If possible, and if there are custom modifiers, please note that as well.


You guys know how easy it can be to forget to bring something when you’re in a hurry, maybe it’s the same thing when playing as Fireteam and you’re about to exfil out? :P

If I had a stack of bricks every time I forgot my wallet when getting shot at…

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hey, i will make a video if needed, but i can confirm its exactly every other game that it occurs and it doesnt even show Veritanium icon at the end screen when its over, it shows earned xp and then just pauses without ever showing the veritanium icon or count, and then it doesnt add any of the collected Veritanium to the players total, this happened to Iblazer7 (my friend) on PS5 and the exact same thing on my PC so its not platform based either. getting a video made now.

CANT PUT VIDEO LINK BECAUSE IM “new member” so heres a work around

happens with AND withOUT modifiers on

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