not gonna lie, killer klowns looks fun

Maybe Illfonic did something right with KK. A lot of people are actually having fun.

From what I’ve seen they are somewhat decent at making initially fun things but have no depth beyond a certain degree nor have made a game that can support its own weight as far as a dynamic experience and will eat itself alive trying to remain simple when heavily rooted issues within the genre continue to remain unaddressed


I remember that people were similarly excited about PHG when it was first released. (at least in my country)

I think the chances are almost zero, but will they ever return the profits they make from killer klowns to PHG? I don’t feel like playing the clown game. Because it brings back unpleasant memories.

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right off the bat people started complaining about performance issues and getting bored within a few hours.

is just a matter of time before it suffers from all the same problems their asymmetrical games suffer. as soon as they start to “balance it” expect it to go to shit and don’t expect any performance issue to be addressed, EVER

Its out already? My daughter loves that movie and although there may be issues im sure shed like it. Ill prolly get it for her if its already out

Its not out yet but there is early access to select groups, so a lot of streamers and those who signed up are able to play for a bit. It comes out on the 4th, and so far from what I’ve seen she will enjoy it if she liked the movie, especially if she mains the Klowns. Different classes, weapons, executions, and customizations.

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I can see that. I watched one of my streamer buds play it last night for several hours, he thought it was a lot of fun, and he’s pretty critical of games like these and did mention PHG and how shitty it became. He also mentioned that asym games like this need constant early support or it will die off quickly, which makes sense, and I feel that yeah, as you said, its going to suffer the same fate as PHG and TCM due to poor balancing and performance.

I agree. Like Illfonic does make fun games, but that fun diminishes fairly quickly and they fail at doing the right things to bring that fun back and keep it consistent while maintaining a fair balance and addressing technical issues. Like right now Killer Klowns seems like a ton of fun, especially as Klown, and they’ve added a ton of cool customization and unlockables. But I know in a year or less this game is gonna turn into a mess and Illfonic will eventually abandon it.

I saw some of the negative comments on it, but shes in 3rd grade so i dont think shes gonna mind as much. Defdinately gonna keep an eye out for it tho. I do want it to do well tho because ill be playing too, but it is illfonic and im aware of thier history. As long as she has fun with it im ok even if its short lived. Prolly gonna have a 40$ price tag so not too bad although illfonic games prolly closer to the 30$ mark

Yeah its $40, a bit more if you want the preorder stuff I think. But yeah if she’s that young she’s not gonna care about the typical Illfonic BS, she’s gonna chase people as a Klown and have a great time. And I can see the life of this game going probably as long as PHG, like it plays a lot like Friday the 13th and it has some interesting mechanics

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