Not sure why I'm bothering...

But here we go anyway.

First video self explanatory. Glad this shit still isn’t fixed after two years.

Bugs in second video:

  1. So the “fixed” wolf model has no netting on right arm

  2. The worst bug here is the disk stuck on air cannot be retrieved starting at 2:52. The game even makes the sound indicating that I picked it back up, but nope game decided fuck you instead

  3. Randomly can’t sprint. Example at 4:00

  4. Disk stuck again on air 5:00


He didn’t have any netting on the right arm in the movie either, if they add netting then the model will be less movie accurate, wouldn’t it?


Shit really? Didn’t notice that. My bad!

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In the movie he had net on the legs,but in phg he doesn’t

Not to mention mask is WAY off

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Plasma caster,mask and face are still wrong even after the “fix”

He didnt.

Also worth noting: these are the only pred rounds I could play. The next 4 lobbies were either broken or I had unplayable ping (over 100). After about 15 minutes with no round I went FT.

Why do you even come with such a reply when you haven’t even checked if it’s true or not?


Ops my bad

So, as I come back up to speed on the forums, I’ll have to start getting a grasp on things, but within my limited technical knowledge, all of those sound like they could be symptoms of desyncing. I’m not claiming those issues couldn’t have alternate causes, but I like to trust my gut, and my gut is saying a long term, high frequency ping check could be insightful. I forgot, and I’m on garbage plane internet so I can’t actually watch the video to identify this, but do you play on PC or PlayStation?

PS5. The console is hardwired via Ethernet. My ping was around 0 in lobby. I don’t play high ping rounds as they’re unplayable for pred.

Also: I’ve had these issues across different internet providers, always hard wired, and even across different consoles. The bugs are always there.

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And if you’re getting that low of ping, you must also be super close to a server center with the regional servers too, which is an interesting wrinkle cause there shouldn’t be too much infrastructure fuckery in the way. I’ll check the video later though.

@Weevo540. The way to fix this is obvious. We need to nerf pred and buff FT.

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Certified illfonic moment.
Illfonic: Fix balance and bugs issues? Nah.
Also Illfonic: Let’s have some STD orgies and smear our s*men on our keyboards that caused bugs on this game unknowingly!