NVR-E plasma sniper collision on trees in (nightmode)

There is a hit collision on the tree base fromtop to bottom but on tree branches where the predator stands on, they do not show a hit. Its like either it goes through them, or the collision is inside the model. PC Epip.
and the branches that are normally destructable are not for the plasma rifle (not sure if this is on purpose).

Sus rifle

It doesn’t like trees

But I’ve never had any problems like that

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because you tried it and acknowledge that it doesn’t or does work or that you didn’t try it or didnt pay attention?

I actually tried it

so are you acknowledging that it doesn’t hit the trees or that you do hit trees?

It does hit da trees

Can you destroy branches or hit the perchable branches?

Both actually

yeah, im not experiencing that even tested it in Private match. no dice.

Could you potentially provide a video of this?