OFFICIAL REALITY BITES 1994 film commentary

@Lukeskywalker2 request, we are having a film talk about the film REality Bites 1994 and we are having a no hold barred commentary about thought and feelings about this exquisite film! All are welcome to contribute!

And all who like sexy girls are welcome.

To start the GAP is really just another analogy for UNIQLO. Things really haven’t changed much.

The song My Sherona still is pretty cool.

It was in the movie…

OK, so you’re in a square moment and you’re in the realm of that girl that you have the hots for…

You just need to have the ‘charm’ of what you feel like you need to say.
Because of that song: “Baby I love your way”

welcome to your future audience bithces.

IN 1994, 5 dollars an hour for minimum wage was a thing! holy shit!

Folks I’m dying. of AIDS.
Every time I sneeze I’m like four sneezes away from the hospice!
And its like I’m some kind of shit show like Beverly Hills 90210!

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