Ok encountered fanatic glitch on PlayStation wtf

This shit is actually fucked,

I was on a 9 game streak, with scar,
killed 41/41 players,

Then a minute into my 10th round,
I downed two players while at full hp,
Which with scar is 1400, a huge amount.
and then the only other player near me, RegiusWater6
melts me in two seconds and puts me into second wind,
Then In under a literal second took all my HP and finished me.
Just a basic estimate but that’s over 200 damage per shot, from a pistol.
If you do nothing else, fix this please.

They’ll fix it like they fixed the Axe bug, Analytic bug, pretty much any bug.


Dude shut the fuck up, ilfonic Is gone.
They ain’t doing shit.
Do the sensible thing and move the fuck on


they wont fix shit they left us to die out here with these degenerates with their exploits


I play ft and just watched somebody down themselves with a fanatic to exploit it. We left.


People still play this?

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Your commenting on my post telling me to shut the fuck up,
There’s allways one f a ggot who has to say something,
And today it’s you,
Get a life bro,
This isn’t Facebook or YouTube it’s a Forum, you gotta go out you way to get too.
You shut the fuck up.

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Not sure what your referring too in regards to the axe,

Because it did used to be way more op,
I can still get 145 to 150 damage with the right set up though. With chopper and the samerai.

But chopper has no HP,
And the samerai is super slow.
And you can’t combo traps with sensers.
If you want to take medkits.
So it’s all or nothing basically with those two.

Truth betold the other weapons that need a buff,
Their either too weak or too slow to be reliably used.

why are you jerking off to this game? don’t you have any friends? are you lonely?

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So sad

Yeah I got nothing better to do,

It’s you lot who really have no life,
I’ve said it before,
The fact you lot go out of your way to go on a forum for a little played video game everyday like you live here, just to act like complete fa gots to anyone who writes a post or makes a comment,
Is sad,
You lot are why illfonic let’s the game die.

The fanatic exploit can do as much as 460% more damage with the right build.

That means that one single shot of the SAW-Z for example, instead of doing 250HP damage it does 1,150HP. A single shot of the 1011, which does 40HP damage, will do 184HP. It works with any weapon but not with grenades.

Bug can easily be done on console. It doesn’t matter which predator class you use or which perks you try to use to try and counter it, is not enough. Only way to deal with it is cheating or trying to get to that player as fast as possible to prevent him from activating the bug

complaining about the axe has always been a mediocre fireteam thing, shit is useless vs a premade, even half decent ones

ft mains wont be satisfied until they can solo any predator in the game, thus the usage of all their exploits even with the game already being so unbalanced on their favor

The only reason I told you shut the fuck up is cause you talked shit before for no reason.

I told you do the sensible thing and move on.
They don’t care, they’re not fixing shit.
You really gonna waste your time playing this shit like a fucking rėtard?

@JelouGaming hows being a pedophile working out for you?