Okay well lucifer season 6 (show finale) (spoiler free)

welp… im

it actually gave me such unimaginable sadness and depression they ended that way, idk about you guys who watch the show, but they could have ended better.

so fucking… sad…man… (not what you think btw if you havent watched it)

Couldn’t do more than 2 seasons

i have a thing for interspecies thing so this was only reason why i watched the show… and technically it was boring for first 3 seasons and even 4th might be boring to some… on fifth they did some stuff that is totally not like first 3… and last season 6 is something out of marvel lol… so… yeah im just… just… sad.

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so horribly sad that i think i reached my max mental health colapsing point due to how many years ive been off of meds… and now nothing is going even slightly my way and even this show and every other show is getting ruined or ending so badly…

i just need to make it till 10th october until i get back on my meds, altho…

main topic is the show but… again it ended so… fucking sad for me man what the fuck…

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aw OP it’ll work out

what other shows do you like i’ll recommend you stuff with nonhumans that’s not such downers

Resident Alien
Ancient Magus Bride

This one is a blast im loving it but i hope season 2 will stay a bit more serioud n tuff about aliend n stuff

and yeah ill be fine yepp

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Resident alien was funny

At least the new childs play series starts in October? Thats always a plus

What abt resident xenomorph

Nah it sucked


The facehugger comedy was a bit over the top

Hey at least you got a show finale. I’m still waiting on Messiah season 2. Netflix won’t do it though, no balls.

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Netflix doesn’t do season 2 unless it’s a show that doesn’t need it

like Stranger Things


Which is god damn annoying because they left us on a cliffhanger. I need answers damnit! 😭

is also waiting for Attack on Titan and Barbarians season 2 but knows I’m not going to get it anytime soon

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In my opinion I wasn’t a fan of the show, who wants to know about the very thing that stopped humanity from their ascension, if he didn’t tempt Adam and Eve our first parents then we would have our residence in heaven enjoying eternity of joy, love and ecstasy in the presence of our divine maker! But alas it was their choice and much as our own to choose to do bad then good and now we are constantly starving, at war and racist towards one another, it’s very sad 😔