Only one FT enters, and exfils, still commander apologies for casualties.

why commander apologies for casualties which were never there? Seems like this game developement havent considered possiblity of surviving predator alone when servers are broken and you are only participant.

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Cause fuck em that’s why

Because illfonic is too lazy.

Mission in Excavation: “head to the train yard”

What fucking train yard? There’s no train yard in Excavation.

Yes and there is no helipad either. One mission said that.

Aaand those mud points are not very accurate on excavation and airport. Clearly some parts are wet but you can\t mud on them.

No no no, that’s poo

There should be option to cover with poo.

You already do and it’s pig poo xD

Because they only got the guy for so many hours and only gave him so many lines.

Honestly though, if it’s not a full squad there’s always a possibility of that line being said.