Opening a MILLION VT WORTH of crates!

for the new year i decided to open the equivalent of 1 MILLION VERITANIUM WORTH OF CRATES

welp see ya next year the time i open all of this shit XD


And none of them is what you wanted 😁

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use auto mouse clicker and let it run. I spend around 800,000 like that and it ran for about 9 hours, lol


20 to 30 loot rates max.

You’ll receive more than you think, compared to dumping V.

Happy Hunting!

If you could record your results post it in Feedback
With this size sample we’ll be able to maybe convince @moderators @IllFonic @Courier @OldKingHamlet that the Field Lockers need to be fixed


Must be the most boring 7 hours of your life! Good luck! Hope it turns out…ok.

you don’t need to be there for 7 hours clicking. program a script and let it do it for you. I did mine while sleeping

Hmm… that would be smarter.

You can’t do that if your on PS4

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They should’ve just put an option to buy as many crates as you can afford and open them all up at once instead of buying one at a time and opening one at a time.

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Good luck, remember to hydrate, shits gonna take forever.

Allow this thread to introduce itself Buying and opening Field Lockers in bulks

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so im curious, did you death? I mmean did you find any mythicals after spending that 1 million?

Probably still opening them

If this game was dropped 10 years ago, people would sit there and open them.

This game needs a serious rework in regards to competing with other games in the market.

That would be a cool youtube video. ASMR for pred fans. Like two hours of unlocking.


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This is a brilliant idea, I have around 800k to burn. Going to set up the script and let it run when I go to bed :)