Buying and opening Field Lockers in bulks

It’s so slow buying and opening each Field Lockers
We should get the options to buy large amounts of Field Lockers
And if we can’t open up multiple field lockers at once, can we at least make the opening animation go faster please


@OldKingHamlet @Courier Dew it! It is a pain in the ass to buy and open each field locker individually, and we need a way to buy and/or open in bulk.

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It really is a time waster

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Yeah, I’ve got better things to do then open crates all day, I’ve got Death Stars to make and a galaxy to rule.

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You’ll save VT if you just buy the shaders outright

Opening lockers is the most boring thing one can do as they are filled with shit

Make buying lockers great!

Make it something we can look forward to

If I wanted a shader I would definitely buy the shader, but I only buy field lockers for the mythical trophies and the last bobcat skull

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Vader: NOPE!


No because then how am I supposed to take a pic of my epics lol

The field locker animation would slow down to normal speed if you get an exotic or mythical, even if you don’t want it or already have it

No that’s not good enough if that’s how you want it they are going to start selling loot box’s like halo

Halo has loot boxes? What the hell

That nasty 5 one ewwwwwww

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