Opening Fan Mail & Merch Announcement!

HELLO YALL!!! I have had the luxury of hanging out with all my fans and other content creators, through these interactions evolved into more gift giving Fan Mail. I’m so excited to share what I’ve received from the community!

So just for the person who made me such a wonderful gift, I present THE NOMAD CLANS FAN MAIL UNBOXING VIDEO!!!

P.S. - A Surprise at the near end of the video awaits! 🤫

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I for one absolutely hate little kids sending me messages in youtube and PlayStation and such

I’ll answer any messages from my YT comment Section or Discord, but yeah PlayStation for some reason is where I draw the line too.

For those wondering about the Merch, here are the options in a better picture viewing. I promise you they look 100x better in person, doesn’t feel so bland + they shine.

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You wont look at psn messages? Pusšy

If your interested be sure to go Message me on DM’s or go here to officially have you held and placed for having a order while we make it for you ⬇️

As for the official prices, it can be found below ⬇️

•The Small Nomad Emoji Pack ($3)

•The Large Nomad Emoji Pack ($5)

•The Chibi Nomad Pack ($10)

You fkn whore.

That some pricey toilet paper :/

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Its 100% silk from the finest silk factory

Looking at this gave me an STD.

was it sex-contextual? sometimes Fire Spits hot fire but …it’s not that hot. You must have ADS.

I’m in one of the boxes


You’re goddam right

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