It’s the word that some people forget to use when they say things like, “this game is so unstable”/“bro, the graphics are so pixelated and washed out”/“low FPS on a high-end PC”.

I was very excited to get this game. I’ve got a beast of a rig; RTX 2080, i7 CoffeeLake 5.0 ghz, 32GB DDR5 RAM, liquid cooling to CPU, waterblocked GPU, extremely ventilated, we’re talking around 160 FPS mid-match in the middle of a Ground War map on Modern Warfare in a stable range. Right? Just a monster.

Playing this game on low settings with it ran as an administrator, set to high priority in task manager, small adjustments made in Nvidia’s control panel, I nearly shit my pants when I saw my rig barely meeting 53 FPS during a multiplayer match. The screen chopping and FPS jumping up and down like a schoolgirl, I stopped playing after fifteen minutes and just stared at the menu for a second.

What a let down. Overwhelmingly bummed. I’ve seen all the articles about the game looking like shit, but I’ve never seen anything this bad since Fallout 76. It’s actually to a point where even running this thing on all low settings and reducing my resolution, I still am unable to even braze 60 FPS. I’m playing on a 165 HZ monitor with GSYNC, so you can imagine the headache I’d get with these numbers so far apart.

I really hope the developers were rushed through development by Sony Interactive and just didn’t have time to optimize it. You guys are onto gold here and to ruin it with a sign of lazy coding from the development team is just shameful. Don’t do it to yourselves. Please hire someone, do whatever you have to do - hell, I’ll donate money for you to hire more coders to optimize this game. Gaming communities are fed up with the “fast food” end results of these heavily anticipated titles. Especially when you’re taking on a franchise name right there next to Star Wars.

Please. Optimize. Predator: Hunting Grounds.

I’ve found out that turning crossplay off for PC players will severely increase performance in-game, but still not to the level it should be at. The Anti-Aliasing shimmering also contributed to my original headache. I’ve refunded the game, but I’ll keep a watchful eye out.

SECOND EDIT: I’ve canceled my refund and have put up with dealing with low performance. It’s a great game, let’s be honest… just needs a couple of guys with wrenches in the graphics.ini file. The developers I think are about to deploy a second patch. That’s two within a week. There may be hope yet.


yep same issue. i9 9900k 2080 ti 32 gb ram and anywhere between 40-80. just garbage. the trial ran better. anything less than cinematic quality is just awful to look at and with it frames are unplayable. ive tried turning off crossplay no difference.

turns out it is the view distance which is he killer setting. setting it to epic helps 10 - 15 frames

Just stare at your FPS counter when you’re mid-game in a multiplayer match. You’ll dip into the 40’s, and then bounce back up to 120 for a few seconds, before a hard tank into the 50 region. On top of that, even with motion blur off, the camera turning makes me feel like I’m on a roller coaster ride.

im on a 2060 r5 2600 32gb 3200 ram and not getting these issues.

Dont run everything in cinematic. cinematic is OP and will be usefull for the next gen cards etc
Its kind of future proofing.

EPIC looks about as good.

Running a 1080ti and i7 9700k on cinematic in ultrawide 1440p and personally I haven’t been having any issues with fps the only issue with ultrawide is the ui elements in the main menu getting cut off at the top.

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Game is running really badly for me on an RTX 2070 MAX Q. I have it turned to medium graphics and can barely maintain 50 fps. I hope they provide some optimization patches.


You’ve got the issue I’m talking about. Maybe it’s an RTX or ray tracing issue. If I see that Nvidia launches a driver update that includes Predator: Hunting Grounds, I will re-purchase the title and try it out. Reminder for anyone else telling me not to run this game in “Cinematic”: RTX 2080 on all LOW settings gets me around 50-70 FPS. Thanks.

No issues on a 1080Ti

What FPS are you getting? How’s the AA (anti-aliasing)? Do you see a lot of shimmering? What about your mouse movement? Is it clunky as hell, or smooth?

Poor performance on 1050TI too please address this. The game shoots from 35-70 fps constantly. I’m pretty sure with a little work this game could run at 60fps in low on a 1050TI. Love the game so far good work guys :)

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there’s absolutely no reason this game shouldn’t be running any less than a solid 30fps on even the ps4pro.

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No problems here. 2070 Super, 1080p Everything on Cinematic except for drawing distance which is Epic

2060, epic/cinematic settings running 60fps solid (capped 62)

I think its something about peoples configuration that causes it. maybe something in common on these systems… dont know where to start though literally could be anything from drivers to windows updates to C++ redists to computer full of crap / background apps / game mode / GPU control panel settings etc etc

But what’s your framerate during a… close quarters fight, roughly?

that can be external reasons like your CPU. I have the RTX 2070 Super with a R5 2600 and 32GB of RAM but I average around 45 to 80 fps, so even now after 2 years they havent fixed it. Is it just me or does anyone else see the predator when leaping, falling at about 2fps but everything else is fine? Like its glitching as its falling…

Don’t set the resolution to 4k or 1080p if you have a 4k screen. It glitches out and makes performance bad. Set the resolution to 1440 and you can turn your graphics back up to epic. It should run fine now

Sounds like you’re just a fuckin liar, if you ask me. 1660Ti, Ryzen 5 2600, 16gb ram and this game runs a flat and perfect 60 fps on medium settings. Can go to high and maintain 50

If your PCs such a beast then you shouldn’t have an issue 🤡

I mean it’s even worse on console. Excavation is nigh unplayable at times

It sounds like the resolution glitch. I have a RTX 3090 and for some reason setting the resolution to 4k or 1080p makes the frames real choppy.

Setting it to 1440p makes the game run flawlessly