Option of hanging bodies

I know there are other threads here about this possibility.

I would love to see that option exist in the future, but I would love to see the option of taking a body and hanging it from a tree be special.
Even being able to take the beaten bodies out of the battle.
Adding, say, 3 modes.

You can claim, fast/slow on the spot.
You can decide to take the body to a safe area to take your trophy.
You can decide to carry the body and hang it from a tree.

In essence a predator will only take a trophy when the prey it seeks to hunt is challenging or simply stands out, this is how it works, if you think that after a fight with someone from the FT it deserves that “honor” then take its skull and spine as a trophy.
You don’t think he deserves that honor? Take the body and just hang it on a tree ;)


ya totally with you on this.

I don’t know how but I would rework the stealth kill mechanic. seeing as stealth kills against NPCs are the same its a little lame and not terribly functional unless on the last FT member. (this has been discussed elsewhere too) Even then it can be a bitch to get it off and well it is underwhelming.

So maybe make the stealth kills for if you successfully sneak up crouched on someone, maybe it can one shot (too OP i dunno just ideas) from behind or just keep them for NPCs.

Use the hanging FT from the trees if you downed them enough instead of the stealth kill mechanic we have now. Just use some toned down ragdoll physics and have the predator drag them by the foot as you leap onto a branch and have some options there. hang, skin and hang, rip out spine and roar while kicking the body off. I can’t believe that shit isn’t in the game it would have made it so fucking epic.

Lore-wise the Yautja skin the bodies of prey they considered unworthy and use the bodies to intimidate other prey. It could probably be a pretty neat gear tool to say kill an npc to skin it and hang him in the middle of a base which causes some sort of debuff to the FT near it.


oh man this is awesome too

I love all of these ideas. I think it’d just be really cool to have control over skinned corpses.

i feel like we need a petition now to try to get them to work on this

A debuff like that seems like it would affect the npc’s more than the ft. So maybe if you do that, it could cause like a super alarm which call in some super troops to appear, that are extremely dangerous to both the ft and pred. But more to the ft.

Like I’m talking 10 or 15 extremely skilled soldiers with hella powerful gear. I mean over all I would like the game to have a lot more stuff like this in it, but this was what came to mind.

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possibly something like stargazer special forces

They might have tried adding the treedrag hanging kill but ran out of time.

When you do a claim near a tree some times you climb and do the claim on a branch.

yes I’ve noticed this, was pleasantly surprised when it happened even though it was rough.

Is it a option to hang the guerillas/fireteam members?

Isn’t there a Predator MOD for GTA5 and you could do all the things a Predator can do in PHG but better?