Option to switch shoulder camera would be nice

It would be nice to have the option to switch the shoulder camera from one side to another during gameplay.

Often times I would have a better angle from the left side but because the fixed right side camera the predator model blocks vision so I would have to expose myself a lot more to take the shot so I’m somewhat “forced” to take the less favorable angle to stay in cover.


Yes PLEASE. THE R3 button isn’t used anyway for PRED, please bind it to that.

Bump. This would be an easily addable feature.

You don’t quiet realize that its adfixed to the armour right?
obviously if you change the angle of play with the predator it would be blocked by its head.
This needs to be a customization of sorts…otherwise…its just an akward request.

I wasn’t refering to the shoulder cannon, but the game camera behind the predator model. The camera side switch is a pretty standard feature in most third person games where the model is not centered.


Yes. Just because the caster is on the right hand side doesnt mean it should limit my vision on the left hand side.