Optional objective: Call in supplies?

What do you guys think about this idea?
To change the current optional objective so the reward is to call in supplies for the team at a random location on the map, a crate with parachute which the Fireteam can use to resupply and heal up at. It’s a destructable so if you’re in bad luck the Predator can get to it before the Fireteam and destroy it.

Sometimes you get so ammo starved and i think there are many others out there thinking the same. Those normal ammo crates seem to be either hard to find or already destroyed early in the round by the Predator.

I like Turtles.


That would be cool. Maybe a 1 point gear item, a flare to beacon or something.

Um no there is more then ample ammo creates medkits in map besides the number of supports lately carrying all that crap already no use your shit wisely. I’m a fireteam mainly and this idea is bs, the games balance is already not in favor of the predator and even if it is destructible the predators never receive any additional health other then inconsistent boar spawning and limited health kits

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No. Fireteam gets enough shit as it is. UAV to locate every item in the camp. Fk off with your supply drop.