Optional spawning improperly on Derailed (Night)

As stated in the 2.29 Hotfix, the optional objective is still spawning incorrectly on Derailed. Just thought it would be pertinent to the developers to see a screenshot of this. I apologize that the screenshot doesn’t show where on the map exactly it is, but it is just outside of the trainyard if that is any indication of where it is.

As one can see in the image, it is spawning 76 meters below the desired position. Perhaps this is just a y-coordinate issue that could be resolved. I do not know precisely how the positions are defined in the game, but it might be a simple fix. Hopefully this helps you devs out.


@IllFonic we want our XP D:

Yup. Check it out. I noticed the same thing a week ago and started this up:

Hopefully it gets fixed in the next patch. I’m not playing that map just because I don’t want to be shorted the XP.

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Ah, didn’t mean to duplicate. Thought I scrolled down the forums enough to see if it was reported already. Nice to know that it’s replicable though. Should give the devs enough information to work off of.

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Absolutely! The more helpful information they have, the better! 👍🏻

Thank you very much for including screenshots! This is a known issue we’re working on fixing in the next patch.


Don’t mention it, I’ll have a lot more coming :)

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Keepin 'em busy 💯

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