Overwatch chat

So I watched a bunch of videos but they all say the same thing so can someone help me figure out why I can’t hear anybody or talk to anybody?

what? Why can’t you hear anyone? somebody plug your eear? you mak no sense boi!

Game chats not working. Keep up mass.

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shaddup fire

Fik go sajin ho

How about

Stop playing lazy remaster

Get on other lazy game called Deadstiny 2


Is it free?

Anthem! Then get cancelled!

Yes, buuuuut

Its more like “free”. You can’t really do too much unless you have the DLCs, previous installations are free I believe up until Beyond Light. Witch Queen and Lightfall should both be $40. I will admit tho, it’s pretty worth

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Nice, I might check it out.

Ah yes

Forget all the OW1 players fucked by 2

Forget the awful microtransactions

Lazy remaster is the problem dispite the remaster portion of OW2 being completely fine

… Huh?

Hey. Sorry to hear you’re having trouble with audio in-game. That can be a bummer, especially if you’re trying to play with friends.



Bruh this was a month ago XD

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I’ve been there, and it’s no fun

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