OWLF Pitbull’s reload animation.

When reloading the Pitbull, the mag never leaves the gun. Have confirmed this with multiple other people as well.

Let me ask you… what kind of bullets do plasma rifles use? Answer:none. They run on energy. The fact that the game makes it bullets isn’t actually accurate, but neither will you ever run out of bullets for these weapons anyway as there are many of it in the total chamber. Reloading is simply just waiting for it to cool down. Look at the preds plasma weapons. You don’t see an upper limit of ammo,do you? Even the hhpc resets after the final ammo is depleted.

But i get your statement, there is actually no need for an animation and should look more like the latest plasma rifle we have where you do a cool down.

I imagine that the casing is just a modified casing and really is a battery or magnet electro conductor.

Mass they are taking about the Pitbull not the new Plasma Prototype gun

But yes the reload in the Pitbull is broken

Well one kinda assumed Pitbull is the new ver of the prototype (hense prototype). Plus we all know it runs plasma. Why it has thing that looks like mags? i dunno, maybe they forced it into the casing. But yeah, its got an animation that looks like its broken.

I believed it had normal bullets, but they were being prepared by alien tech. Like a Railgun