OWLF Suit cannot change PS4

The OWLF suit customization is not working. Changed to something else but it doesn’t change from the default.

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A video clip would help solve this issue

Also state your platform of choice; PC, PS5, PS4 Pro or PS4?

Same for me. I’m on PC, after the update I can see the OWLF suit change colors when I put the cursor over the customization, before I couldn’t, but I can’t select and equip any options.

Ok, I can try but this is what I do. Select customization, choose a different skin, exit out, default color is showing. Both in the customization screen and in game.

I’ll grab video when I get home if no one posts it by then. Been happening since he was released. You can literally not change his appearance at all.

For me, this happened after 2.12 or 2.14

I have never been able to change the OWLF outfit skin since he was released

James Cameron has his owlf operative decked out in full camo. Wonder why some people can’t do this.

Me too

If that’s the case then I’m sure it’ll be a “delete saved data” issue.
I know the great Cameron has bestowed these shaders to the public.

Im not doing that

Don’t blame you

They have to fix it

I have woodland camo on mine

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I bought 3 shaders and none work

But Illfonic said it’s not customizable 😔

That sucks the blue is out of place in the jungle

I noticed

So I thought I fixed the problem by going to the PS4 menu and rebuilding the database. Once that was complete, I was able to load up a skin and all looked good. When I entered a match the default OWLF skin was there. I went back to customization and it’s not working again. This forum is not allowing me to upload the video.

Upload to YouTube and link