Parry bug: Melee-Button doesn't hit and switch to knife when hold

Now when you are facing with Predator, sometimes when you press and hold Melee-button to knife predator, it doesn’t either hit or switch to knife, you just end up dead looking like moron.

What i expect is when i hold melee button, it hits once with knife, then switches to it. Some games it works, some games it doesn’t, 50% change this bug occurs.

This bug has became later half year. Last time i played this game year ago.


Did you remap the button for this Knive attack?
Cause then it happens very often.

No, its on default, but i have mapped crouch button

@Jeq I’m having that problem too. It seems that I have to hold the button for a long time to make it stick. I did remap it to L1, but I play with friends who have not remapped, and they have the problem as well.

Ive complained about this glitch so many times illfonic refuses to fix bugs for whatever reason…

That and the glitch where if you are sprinting and try to bare weapon to fast it wont let you shoot or the one where your firing your weapon and then stop and if you go to fire right after it wont let you -__-

Something in the last update seriously screwed up the Melee button. It takes forever to whip out the knife while holding the Melee button down. Illfonic fix your fucking game!

This bug actually leads me to better close combact actions, this bug probably helped me to way to find that. Press melee once, retreat guns blazing, press melee, retreat guns blazing, press melee, reload, press melee, retreat guns blazing.

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Look at you learning how to FT instead of complaining

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It is still an bug.

PS player right?

No. Epic games gamer, gaming games since 1980. i know when things are bugged. You are, and your parents are too.

Don’t bring Adam and Eve into this boy…it’s sacrilegious

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You are ps player right?


Im having the same issue with the slide… slide only works half the time for me

I pictured kratos saying that x’D