Parrying the predator?

There should be absolutely no reason the FT beats the predator in a one on one knife fight! The parry is OP as heck! I was battling a FT and he kept spamming the parry and I couldn’t even take him down. He took 95% of my life then I had to run away. That is absurd, at least make it where it where parrying the predator uses a substantial amount of energy or make it limited… I don’t understand how a 700lb predator vs a 200lb human would be able to keep deflecting the predators knife attacks. Please do something about this…



When the predator melees a player the player should have absolutely 0 methods of fighting back

He can blind fire and foolishly hope he’s gonna win but the game should focus on making the fireteam completely helpless when a predator comes in for melee.

Fucking DERP

If the Predator could Melee without any risk of failure in a 1v1, that takes away any real motivation for the FT to even play in a tense situation. Lore wise? Yea it’ll end up like Bane fighting Batman, but game mechanics call for FT to fight Predator on semi equal ground and we would see a lot more Noobzerker stomps if Parry wasn’t in the game. I hate it. We all hate it, but is necessary.


Then tell me what’s the point of play as FT anyone if The FT can’t fight back??

It’s all because of Dutch… He trained the other fire teams to stand one’s ground in a fight with a predator. I really like the parry system as it is. It feels awesome to parry 3x and watch the pred freak out and run away.

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It’s not that bad if the fireteam is parrying you try to mess up his timing. Alot of times I just jump over them or run a circle around them they swing and miss and that’s when you strike now that being said if all of a sudden they gang up on you run or your dead but one v one shouldn’t be hard.

Me and another guy had a friendly 2v1 knife fight vs @Fire last night. We were kicking his ass easily and parried 3 times each but agreed to let him win as we could hear him starting to sob and cry over the mic. Was tragic really.

Screw him if he didn’t bring the netgun that’s on him. 2v1 still shouldn’t be to hard if you prepared for it lol. You should have killed him then explained to him why he died

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@Fire see above reply. Dude knows how bad you are.


We all agree with you, however devs don’t so we just need to get used to it…

Bruh no one said there should be no way for FT to fight back when faced one on one listen to what I’m saying “Derp”. The FT shouldn’t have unlimited amount of times it can parry the predator that beats the purpose of a melee attack. If anything they should make it use a stamina so you can’t just spam the parry. No one ever said anything about removing it completely because it is a vital tool for FT to survive. But as of now parrying is OP no doubt. You’re just some sucker FT that just wanna be able to spam the button all the time and don’t care for a balance in the game.

If you didnt let me win I would have deleted my game and broke everything in my house in a tantrum doma-umaru-crying-500x280

Lol god I wonder how many ppl believe this shit xD

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People on here believe anything

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Cause I had the net gun but didnt need it. Good god he just told you it was a friendly fight. Meaning we were fkn around. XD

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Excuses excuses.

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Should I bitch smack you again and let widj pick you up til I can stealth kill you this time? Il do it with the samurai pred xD

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Get that OP shit outta here. Noob.

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