Patch 2.30 still crash

So, I’m glad that @illfonic finally released a hotfix update yesterday, yet it’s good but I’m still getting issues. Like, the bow isn’t counting hits sometimes, the blue screen is still happening after 4 or 5 matches, and for the love of god. Can you please make heat vision not as blinding and blurry in night mode!


We’ve fixed several instances of blue screens but are still working on isolating the larger issue. For now, the best thing you can do is submit your crash dump to PlayStation when prompted to. We can access those and continue looking into it.

As for the issues you’re having with the bow, a more detailed post in bug reports would be awesome.


this is because the aiming retical is off has been since launch aim a little more to the left and you’ll be fine

Bow hit registration has been spotty for a long time. Best bet is to make sure your connection is at least below 80, or you’ll start encountering issues with the bow and smart disc

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Yes, I understand that. And, I appreciate all the work that you guys are doing to this game because I know y’all are working hard! And, I plan on being a part of this game for as long as it holds on! But, about the crashes. I’m still getting blue screened every 2 or 3 matches though!

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Everytime I’m blue screened I report it with the video attached so they can see exactly what happened from my perspective

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