Patch 2.42 | The sound glitch is still here (since 2020)

Played on other platforms before and now on ps5 but one thing that stayed with me always is the sound glitch of the game. As Predator its only the first 2 minutes of a match, as fire team the whole match. Almost no sound and steps or shooting sounds have a weird echo. Turning 3D Audio off works as reliable as restarting the game (which is not a very reliable method to get rid of the glitch).

Please fix it!

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I think that’s just your game

No it’s not. Theres a lot of people who get it.


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It started on PS4 back when Excavation first released way before the PS5 released. There has yet to be a fix and I’d been advocating for there too be a fix since then. There has yet to be a single fix for it. It happens all the damn time, another reason why I don’t touch this game.


I have never experienced this uwu

Doesn’t mean it doesn’t happen you fucking idiot.

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You pansy milk drinker.

Anyway since were here why do 20 minutes of stretches and not jog or some exercise?

I think the fact that its ps4 or ps5 isn’t really relevant, even on ps5 its still only the ps4 version of the game. I think they need to drop a patch for each console ? But they don’t exactly fix anything .

It maybe sounds stupid , @AdMiSoAa , but does it only do it through headphones? Or do you play the game audio through your TV?

If its headphones ,is it possibly the ps5 controller needs updated?

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I have to specify that it started on PS4 and is still ongoing because every time I mention it, some asshole comes by and tries to tell me I’m wrong because they have a PS5 and it only happens to them. Or better yet, they have a PS4 and it’s never happened to them so I must be lying.

My favorite one is “bro you’re lying, there’s no way that bug’s been in the game that long. The devs would have patched it out, this is a new bug and you’re just salty and use that as an excuse.”


I tried both headphones and TV. It happens in both cases so it has nothing to do with that. I feel like there are maybe too many sounds at once? background music, footsteps, shooting or mudding up. Maybe its too loaded and glitches out… but I dont know. I just think that because sometimes I feel like the glitch happens the moment I move with the predator and then its the sound of the steps that trigger the glitch, in which the background music stops and everything gets echo-ish. But it also happens on PC so its not only a problem on PS4 or PS5. I check the controllers, but usually they tell me if they need an update as soon as I use them. And my controllers didnt do that lately, so I assume they’re up to date.

Yeah , sounds like it is on illfonics end , shocker.

Have you tried turning certain sounds down? I had never had that glitch when I played , but I always turn the music off

And I wake up thinking “Damn it not again”

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Well, I could try that… I’m kinda sad if thats the solution though. I like how the sounds are right now, when they work…

It’s because of headphones if you don’t use any it will work…or (kill pigs to the sound Gods in the game!) it surprisingly works

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I get it with or without headphones. You’re just applying coincidence here as a fix. This bug has no legitimate fix, it’s all random. I’ve had it fix itself in the first 30 sec of the match, after eating a pig, dying and coming back, or getting on the chopper. There has yet to be a single known cause for it not fix for it aside from turning off 3D audio on PS5 which even then isn’t a full proof fix.

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I know I didn’t say it would I’m just offering advice not trying to solve a problem

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Wake up it’s been 5 years.


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