Patch Notes 2.05

Lotta changes here that interest me, class changes looking slick, excited to try out clash and see how that plays out, gonna need to redo all my classes again with the perk cost changes lmao.

Just from reading the patch notes, I’m pretty excited for this!


@Courier This is also huge! thank you for all that


So 4 preds game

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5vs5vs2predator very cool bro

Almost there!

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ah but its a battle to get the predator i likey this is good enough for me i’ll see how she plays but if its as good as im thinking then Flawless job illfonic


Yeeeeaaaaaah not the new mode we were asking for. I appreciate the effort but nobody is going to play that.


You didn’t read at all kid.

It should really state that in the patch notes that’s pretty important

You didn’t read either kid

Hello, I am nobody, please meet my friends, nobody and nobody, we are all playing the new game mode along with nobody and nobody



Can you tell us a bit are the game optimizations coming? Like

Reducing GPU usage and letting the load be more onto CPU?

Reducing GPU temps and tasking on it

Fixing memory leakage

Fixing Render issues with textures


Hey so it basically 4v4 then if points are accumulated to have a predator is it only one ?

Can both teams have a predator?

Can both Predators fight 👀

You didn’t buy that mode, it’s free update.

@Courier any words on a level cap increase?

It was edited if you follow the patch notes to get earlier notification you woild have seen that courier added the prt about the pred metter

-Better predakour
-Classes with faster tree movement
-Buffed Predators
-Buffed cloak
-Buffed PC and Warclub
Ok, this could be interesting, just not sure about the new mode, but it could be cool.

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Hey, you do you. If you enjoy the new game mode I’m jealous

So wait, it’s 4 preds vs 4 fireteam vs 4 fireteam…?

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All that left is better map variations such as day/night/weather
Game Optimizations