Patch Notes 2.08

Before too much negativity rolls in, I just want to say that the Viking mask is truly on point. Also, the changes to fire team, especially adding specializations, was a good move for the life of the game.

One more thing, I would get a team together as quickly as possible to add specializations to the predator classes. That would help even the playing field between predator versus fire team, and add more variation to the play styles available.


Predator specializations would greatly help the Predator balance in this mess!


@Courier Maybe give everyone the weapon for free & have the predator itself be paid dlc so you know it’s not pay to win & do this with every DLC from now.

I believe you bro. At this point I can only laugh at this “update”. 😆


Haven’t tested an Assault yet, I will next. There’s definitely a pre-made build that will be both the meta and a problem but I play random’s. Pre-made’s aren’t enough of a reason to not add mechanics. They’re going to keep being a problem till we have a mode that takes skill and team play into account.


Wow great work @IllFonic can’t wait to play

Lol dam yet someone gets banned for calling them chimpanzees lol.

Premades are a problem, but this goes beyond premades.
This is a severe balance problem all across the board.


You dont give one side something without giving the other something else.
This shit is beyond fucking stupid.


I can’t wait to see the belligerent and haughty FT mains trot around the forums telling people to get good when they’re over here with less than an ounce of skill, relying on the blatant damage buff like they’re some kind of good. Ohhhh I’m so excited for that! Way to encourage shitty players, Illfonic!


It’s been almost an hour since I purchased Viking, still not able to select the class in-game.
Looks like the monkeys up at Illfonic have done it again.


Still no exact numbers for buffs? Are you kidding? we have to run alot of tests to fins it by ourselves? You guys are completely dont give a fucc about fans


Same. Viking NA after purchase

It’s always been one side than the other. Pred got Cloak improvements, now FT get specializations, next Pred get something. I don’t particularly like the back and forth when it comes to power but it’s not like they aren’t doing what they can, imo at least.
I have seen an improvement, as they seem to be releasing FT stuff opposite Pred classes, I hope to see the opposite next time.

Got to go test Assault now, try not to lose you temper over something beyond our control.



are predlocks fixed or whats the story there?

that would be a no. darn.

I already did.
That’s why I said half a clip sw a pred.

In this update.
I’m just tired of gaming being complete shit now a days.
Theres no fucking balance.

So it isnt just about this game.
But the fact that ppl dont see how stupid this is pisses me off.


The game has Predator in the title but its not a Predator game. Just another Call of Duty rip-off.


In defense dude…it is new new. I’m at work for another 3 hours so I can’t see how bad it is yet lol.
I get ya and I’m kinda with you on this. @Slasher_Clone is right that this is the way they do it though and it’s the way it always has been. Hopefully they’re listening but at this point we got what we got. I’m just as tired of the see saw balance act but in the meantime let’s see what we can do with what we got, or don’t and play something else.
Sadly nothing is gonna change overnight.

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Predators were the main antogonists…right @Fire?
Just so long as they bleed, i’m happy.

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Keeps resetting my loadouts to default whenever I load into Private Matches😡