Patch Notes 2.09 (Hotfix)

Thanks guys, keep on keeping on!

You’re going to have to be way more detailed than that. People don’t realize that there are some spawns close enough together, that a scout, or other Predators with adrenal boost, can leap quickly to the same spot where the fire team spawns and meet them there.

Awwww I forgot. If it happens again i’ll do I promise.

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Ok, how bout this:
1 second after FT deployment, we heard the cloak activation and we took the blaster cannon on our heads. We did’t even have time to mud up.

Yeah that can most definitely happen if you’re playing against a scout or any other speedy pred with adrenal boost, long jump, and if they completely ignore setting off alarms/destroying equipment and make a beeline straight for you.

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Was in a match. Downloading patch now. THANK YOU @IllFonic

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Ok, i know thar can happen and I’ve seen it. but this was’t the case. The mission started and literally ONE SECOND later we took a blaster shot.

I’m talking about map, fireteam spawn location, and type of predator.

I don’t see anything on the bow not charging nor the shader skins not being applied to the elder body, but only the head. It’s still downloading so haven’t checked yet.

So still no fix for the melee through walls huh? Thanks Illfonic!

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Actually, we got inconsistent results.

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This, thank you so much for this! 👍

Damn was hoping for balance changes for pred, but good nonetheless

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IMO, the Predator shouldn’t spawn anywhere near the FT. If it’s such a badass hunter it shouldn’t need that kind of head start(perked up or otherwise). Kinda cheapens it’s hunting skills.

Thanks. Not good news but thanks for the info. Time to get better with the smart disc. Lol

I’ve been rocking the plasma pistol, but we got inconstant results with the bow, so it might be better than it was.

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That’s because you don’t know how to properly use the Box


Yeah also waiting for that update


Oh… but it wasn’t a Scout for sure. A City Hunter 97 or a Hunter…
And even with boost, it takes a bit more that ONE SECOND to get close to the FT.
But it in other way, i’ve seen cheats in this game. So anything is possible.

I’ve been waiting for that fix also…