Patch Notes 2.19

yo, i think that’s a reference to greyback when he was golden angel



I watched a YouTube vid. I think i left a comment too

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Think I’ll be running Elder with Viscous running Disc and Katana, with Impenetrable, Downrange and modified reserves. Or Valkyrie with Disc and Hammer with Savage, Impenetrable, Fearless and Downrange. That’s if these perks fit. I don’t want to run the obvious new Scout I no see I no hear meta, I know it’s only the lowest health class but with bow and disc, it’s disgusting a and I’m not a meta sheep.

will the option to buy 87 predator pre order be on steam?

Last man standing had to have gotten a speed boost. My scout pred couldn’t keep up with an assault. It was fucking ridiculous. Crazy fast constant bunny hoping. Like broken fast.

Also disk still sucks and so does melee tracking. But overall we got some good stuff 🤷‍♀️

Aaaand after that:
“Options file database corrupted”.
@IllFonic can’t you do anything right???

I just got the pre-order money back from Sony

Just when the new patch drops 🤣

DM as many details as you can OR post this with more details in bug reports.

Do you think I regret it? 🧐😁

I will admit a small wave of regret hit me.

Then I read these notes 👍🏻

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Good job Illfonic! This new stuff looks awesome but I do feel like this patch is gonna make the predator a bit OP.

I think the only one “OP” will be scout and even then only on experienced hands.
Only way to find out is to play

Noobs with the disciplined specialisation are probably gonna be a challenge but yeah, only way to find out is to play.


Maybe, maybe not. Scout is still pretty paper so if they get in too close cuz they’re quiet they’re at risk of big damage. Accuracy increases as distance decreases

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Omg bout to bust

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mudding up on a fence is a thing now lol


Hell yeah!! More FT buffs… Even if it is a glitch.
Next thing is FT eating pigs to restore health and be able to pick the Predator mask from him and gain cloak.