Patch Notes 2.19

Which isn’t till June now? 😦😟😥
Can ya at least not wait till the end of June?

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Emphasis on maps

Has something been changed to prevent macros?
I can’t use my Discord hotkeys anymore while being in game.
Now I tried to test it further by using some other programs like OBS and an auto-clicker, same “Issue” there.
If yes, this is very good news, though it might be a little annoying for discord users.


I can’t share dated unless they are announced, but I’d like to acknowledge we know how popular these masks are.


So when does this predator year one bundle come out? Ll

Yes…very popular. Know what else is popular? That cool melon shader that was shown on Twitter. We got that right? 😁

Looking forward to the next update and thanks for the specializations. I’ll see what they can do.


I will pay double ;-) ?
No seriously, great update, Mr Black mask is sick, looks exactly like in the movie, just can’t wait for it

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Oh, you “top tire” players are so fucked now… XDDDDDDD

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I seriously hope so!
It has already become quite obvious in the past days from how significantly bad a few certain players suddenly got when they knew they were on camera.

Only the Issue with Discord annoys me a bit, because I got frequent coughing from smoking, where I usually mute myself on the Discord, which isn’t possible for me anymore. But that will only annoy my Teammates. lol

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Yes auto claim is back or maybe it never left I had it happen last night.

dont get why they maked playing against sweats even harder for pred. previously you could down 1-2 of them, just find the radio and chill there. now pred doesnt have this little edge over fireteam

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Its like herpes , it goes away and comes back from time to time . Or so I’m told 🧐😐

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you mean for example the muting hotkey? Because that still works for me

OK then it seems to be my an issue with my PC. Thanks!

Looking at the Plasma Rifle Prototype now and not seeing the Schism, Force or Breakdown shaders in the list. Hazard is there but not the other 3.

@IllFonic @OldKingHamlet @Courier
Omg, I can not believe it! Finally! Although, you missed the colour bug on City Hunter’s Young Blood predlocks. They are grey now by default, which they should not be. It happened since previous patch.

You and me bro, I also own all pred DLCs… it seems we will have to wait:

sounds orgasmic 😍

For some reason Quickplay, Private Match, Tutorial and Create Party are grayed out.

I have 2.19 patch installed and connected to PS+

Anybody know how to fix this? Because I literally cannot play the game at all.


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