Patch Notes 2.20 (Hotfix)

Probably… But i still end up in lobbies with no full FT as playing Predator and sometimes without Predator as playing as FT.

Connection timed out probably for the other players. Happened to me a few times

Plus beaucoup de gens sur le jeu donc plus dure a trouvé le predator étant trop faible en santé les gens ne veulent plus le jouer ou le jouer en finissant direct les gens et rush corps a corps tout le temps si les développeurs se réveille peut-être nous pourrions avoir de nouveau des gens dessus


yay connection time out have happen to me

I’m gerting !connection timed out" on private matches.
Thanks @IllFonic

If it’s happening in private matches it’s probably the host fault of their internet connection.
I don’t think there’s dedicated servers for private matches.

I was the host. My internet is excellent.
I got a fiber optics 1 Gbps download/200 Mbps upload connection. My port forwarding for PSN is active.
Do you stillthink it’s a user problem? I don’t think it is…

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Nope. You win lol


ça serai terrible de l’avoir, il a trop de classe

Speaking of “inconsistent sound bubbles” they still appear over claimed FT corpses, that’s been a distraction for nearly a year now.

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The disc is now my favorite thing

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We got 13 more days until the new Fireteam member come’s for I very excited I mite going over the top but thank you your predator hunting grounds game this is the best game I have play before


They might release it at the end of the month

You think?

I think so, It’d give em a little extra time to work out any kinks that need to be sorted out. No?


Given their track record I wouldn’t say it’s unreasonable.

I’m excited regardless. I just can’t stop wondering who it’ll be