Patch Notes 2.25

This company needs to disappear forever. Been saying how bad they been since game dropped. And still nothing but bs.
The pure laziness can be felt just by the two months of waiting for this shitty update.


Oh… yikes…

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The update is kinda small given the time scope and all, but honestly large amounts of salt is still present. People can call the game shit and all but don’t expect anyone’s opinion to change because “ew cosplay pred” or “meh update”.

It’s not brand loyalty if you genuinely enjoy the game.

Yikes indeed , my friend

Whose definition of a bot is that? All the AI enemies in the game are ‘bots’, as are your companions in Aliens: FE. What use will they be to the fireteam if they don’t follow you around, at the very least?


This may be the first time I’ve thrown an opinion on Patch Notes.
FT-BOT is just a turret gun!
Guerrillas are still more natural!
The BOT doesn’t walk at all, and will shoot at you if it senses you!
This is the worst BOT ever!


They maybe follow player controlled members? I didn’t check .

But something tells me they will stand still until you get downed and then run across the map

I think he means that’s the only way they move. They don’t move on their own. Only follow a real FT player.

Like… that must be a bug… right??

I can’t imagine they would implement bots that only move if they are following someone… how silly



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If its four bots? They go nowhere


I don’t want them to follow me around. I want them to work the mission while fighting the occasional enemy while I take out most of the AI, alarms, and fight the predator.

Four of them dont progress the mission at all , so I doubt they do that in a mixed player team

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That MUST be a bug right? RIGHT?? They couldn’t be stupid enough to implement something like that



Durbs=stupid head
Also ghey cuz he died and Spartan amgery

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I believe that even potato developers didn’t understand that when loading mud, it is impossible to cancel the action.
using hand grenade and at the same time activated hammer grenade, the player is locked in the game without any action. 🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮

Couldn’t be that stupid? Oh , goobergrabber

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They need to get the Devs from Cold Iron to upgrade the AI in this game.