Patch Notes 2.25

Patch Notes 2.25

Paid DLC


  • New playable Predator - Cleopatra
  • Early Access to the new Predator weapon Skin - Ancient Disc

Free Update

  • Fireteam bots are now available in Hunt!
    • Support role throwing ammo and health packs.
    • Revive downed players
    • Players have the ability to take over Fireteam bots if killed.
  • New Collectibles - Isabelle Tapes (Unlock at level 1, 10, 20, 40)
  • NRV-E (Sniper Rifle) is now available at Level 100
  • Added Platinum & Golden Armor Styles for the Elder Predator, Jungle Hunter 87 and Alpha Predator
  • Added PS and Epic exclusive tints for Valkyrie


  • Fixed an exploit spot on Headquarters map.
  • Fixed several collision issues in the Headquarter map.
  • Updated audio for the Headquarters map.
  • Fixed cosmetics not displaying correctly when being granted from a field locker.
  • Guerrilla Mercenaries will now use Flashbang grenades.
  • Several cosmetics issues have been fixed.


  • Fixed a stamina issue for Host on private Clash matches.
  • Fixed floating spawns and added additional respawn points in Headquarters clash map.
  • Fixed missing audio for the Airstrip map.


  • General
    • Fixed an issue where Fireteam members continue to go through the muddy up animation even after cancelling the interaction
    • Fixed an issue where Isabelle head would not appear incorrectly in big head mode.
    • Fixed an issue with Comms specialization not behaving as intended.


  • General
    • Fixed an issue with the Requiem and Paroxysm armor styles for the Hunter Predator that caused the armor styles to be level locked instead of purchasable.

this patch sucks
this dlc is the WORST
and you still didnt fix the reset loadout problem


Thank you Courier, very nice.


So we waited a month and yall got a vacation for this lack luster update. Welp this game is going to stay dead I guess


Care to elaborate on how the bots will function?

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Wait a minute… Bots? FUCKING BOTS?

giphy (2)


Update - piece of shit)


All three get skins at 100 / 150 (meaning two skins for each), or the first at 150 and the latter two at 100? It’s a bit strange to unlock a skin for Elder at 100 when the class itself isn’t available until 150.

Yeah, I’m curious about that too. If we can create private matches as the predator and fill the fireteam with bots, that’s at least a rudimentary form of single player…

Worst update ever Illfonic! What happened to all the Gamemodes


Jesus are you kidding me? A cosplay pred no real bug fixes no gear no weapons that matter no game mode. Aliens FT all the way. God what a waste.


Honk, honk 🤡


Why do I feel like just like the Isabelle update this has a bunch of shit you’re not telling us. And I mean that. Last time it was a bunch of nerfs not listed. What happened this time?

Why would you assume those rumours have any authority at all? All the data-mining does is reveal things that have been explored at some point, and may still be in development. Nothing is confirmed.

Guys chill the fuck out. At least we got a 2 dozen bug fixes, some important for general gameplay QOL. Like I understand the bugs that still need to be fixed but at least they’re doing something. And something is better than nothing. Like goddamn, I’ll be playing more AFE too but calm down.


What game modes?


@Courier lol what a shit show. How about development team actually do something productive and fix the fuckins bugs and add new perks. smh illfonic is now becoming the new blizzard/activision. Shit game development and never listens to feedback. @OldKingHamlet this is what too months get? trash. At thsi point just pull the damn plug on your game because you clowns apparently don’t give a shit.


Not even a new weapon , a second reskin for pred weapons


Bugs that I’m sure were listed as “fixed” on previous patch notes

The bots dont move , they stand still and only shoot or pick up downed members , they don’t move from where they drop in