Patch Notes 2.32

and make them more buff looking plz… its not accurate at all

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Omfg yesss

The are so fucking skinny and it’s NOT ACCURATE

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just so the team is aware the Fearless perk is currently not applying it’s dmg increase to Mr.Black

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I’m getting blue screen every other match. At the beginning or at the end of the matches…

wait what??? 3 PREDATORS???
am i dreaming???
downloading the game right fucking now!


Hmm, @Kassinaillia or @IllFonic or @OldKingHamlet I didn’t see anything about the Exiled Predator’s locks. They’re still presenting themselves as the Elder’s.😫

Besides that, I’m very happy with this DLC and hopefullly can play tm or this weekened when I have a moment to buy it.

I just took off over half the health of a Mr Black and the game stats only gave me 289 damage. Something isn’t right.

The scar system makes me so happy

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Just in case, how do I delete my save data on PS4?

Holy shit. Now this is what I’m talking about!

Good work people. You are much appreciated. 👍

Go to Settings, Storage, Saved data and select the Application folder by its name.

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Agree, attention to detail. 👍

I need that!

Why is there still no heat-signature in thermal-vision 4 fireteams on night maps???

Illfonic does only 50% of the job for the thermal vision in night maps.

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just please give mr black his own original roar!


I’ll write it here too:

the Super head doesn’t fit any predlocks.

Just watch them unmasked, and any type of predlock will be bugged.
I hope it will be fixed when possibile (along the Exiled dreads).

Very thanks ILLfo tp continue supporting hour game !
Thanks for new Predators Classes !
Still hopping for the Wolf…
But very very thanks !
Great game !


I love new content, specially when it comes to Preds, BUT as a Mr. Black fanatic I am forced to share the opinion…

Don’t get me wrong guys, but the models of Mr. Black & Falconer are BY FAR the worst Pred models you ever released!!! This is literally a joke. It’s not worth a single buck.
Fix their models/quality etc. omg


apearntly they still forgot to add exile dreads and they got skin of his face wrong its compleetly green and not the colour of the movie future fix?? lets hope

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