Patch Notes 2.39

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This Yautja chose to remain hidden and watch the modern human warriors, studying their tech and practices over the years. Gradually, this Predator stole and constructed armor and gear similar to that of a modern military combatant. With a slight resemblance, this Predator found he was able to elicit additional confusion and fear from human warriors perplexed with his unique but familiar armor.

This DLC pack includes the Emissary Predator premium class.

Paid DLC

New Playable Predator - Emissary

Free Content

  • New unlockable Predlocks - Tank (Level 500)
  • New unlockable Predator Skin patterns - Aurora (Level 500)
  • New unlockable ‘Dutch’s Knife’ shaders
    • Green Viper (Level 155)
    • Damascus Steel (Level 160)
    • Shard (Level 165)
    • Sunburst (Level 170)
    • Violet (Level 175)
  • New ‘Exiled Predator’ Predlocks Tint


  • Backwater (Day Variant) has been reenabled and will once again show up in the map rotation
  • Fixed an issue where certain cinematics were too dark in several maps
  • Fixed an issue on Headquarters where a certain ammo crate could not be interactable


  • General
    • Fixed an issue with the Wolf Predator mask appearing too dark in certain locations
    • Fixed an issue where the Wolf Predator’s skin pattern shaders would display incorrectly when previewing in the customization menu
    • Fixed an issue where the Falconer Predator’s face was not displaying the intended pattern
    • Fixed an issue where the Exiled Predator’s Platinum and Steam exclusive armor had the same swatch in the customization menu
  • Gear
    • Wrist Launcher
      • Lowered gear cost from 2 to 1
      • Reduced total ammo from 10 to 8

No sound bug fix, check.
No axe bug fix, check.
No Fanatic/Leader bug fix, check.
No new gear or weapons, not even a skin, check.
No balance issues fixed, check.
No nerfing the SAWZ and 1011 and increasing Pred health, check.
No increasing Wolf’s gear capacity, check.
Some night levels still super dark, check.
Yep, sounds about right.

Cool beans, broski! Thanks for the Pred and shaders!

In all honesty though, maybe just…stop. Just stop. Stop releasing DLC with half-assed updates and seriously rework the game. Pay attention to the requests that your community manager passes down and actually do some real work. Or just drop the game altogether, really, we wouldn’t mind. Its better than having any kind of hope for a better experience.



All rights let’s see the gæ stats


You were right the new map was Backwater 🤣


So did you guys fix Exiles predlocks?


If ever there was something that needed balancing in this game well, this wasn’t it.


Lol, where my snow map

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Not gonna lie. I’m excited about this Predator.

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At least they didn’t charge us for it.

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I can’t describe how bad this update is

Nothing unusual



Does this mean the locks are in? Or do you mean “Elder”?

Also why is this repeated twice?

Wtf is this shit!?

This is what we get for year 2 anniversary!? Please, just let this game die, this is embarrassing…


it needed a buff, so at least it’s an extremely small step in the right direction.

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Anniversary is new mode. Battle Royal: no predator involved. Just a shoot’em up
Bring the rocket launcher

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But is this really a buff though? It could always be run on any class so the gear point change seems meaningless and they reduced the ammo count making it essentially worse. Unless they shadow buffed it seems more a nerf.

All my loadouts were resetted after downloading your update. The hell is wrong with your company?

Your incompetence is disgusting.


No new fireteam I don’t play anymore They’ll fuck off it’s good. I don’t buy anything anymore


I can’t even buy this new dlc. Epic Games store says to try again 24 hours. The hell.

You guys just broke my game and resetted all my stuff.


You might be right. I guess I just assumed the one point would fit it into more builds.

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