Patch Notes 2.39

Are they the reason the door keeps getting broken? Those bastards! It was from the inside after all.

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Free Content

  • New unlockable Predlocks - Tank (Level 500)
  • New unlockable Predator Skin patterns - Aurora (Level 500)
  • New unlockable ‘Dutch’s Knife’ shaders
    • Green Viper (Level 155)
    • Damascus Steel (Level 160)
    • Shard (Level 165)
    • Sunburst (Level 170)
    • Violet (Level 175)
  • New ‘Exiled Predator’ Predlocks Tint


  • General
    • Fixed an issue with the Wolf Predator mask appearing too dark in certain locations
    • Fixed an issue where the Wolf Predator’s skin pattern shaders would display incorrectly when previewing in the customization menu
    • Fixed an issue where the Falconer Predator’s face was not displaying the intended pattern
    • Fixed an issue where the Exiled Predator’s Platinum and Steam exclusive armor had the same swatch in the customization menu


@Kassinaillia @Courier


Alot of people wants to know
Do we have another update coming out for anniversary or not ? @Kassinaillia @Courier @OldKingHamlet @Wil
I guess everyone here deserve just a normal answer , Yes or No ?!


If they haven’t answered yet, they’re not going to.

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OK, as much as I observe and agree with most of the comments and critique around here. I have to give kudos to the devs for the work they did, even if it was not so substantial as everybody expected.

Second, as a story would be too difficult to develop and it stands out of context given the actual amounts of work it needs from zero or scratch, more Fireteam members like Harrigan, more facial options and customizations for Fireteam as well as a city map would be much welcome.

Also a lot of bug fixing and memory problems need to be addressed, just jump on a map during the game and you will see the lighting effect as you look / face your camera towards the trees and sky or a very dense populated place with assets, day maps that is. Would be appreciated as it tends to choke the memory and slow process can be noticed on low spec platforms like PS4 and PCs, need to mention this happens on day maps (try excavation during a session with multiple varied user pings and see it, this literally needs to be sweeped by QA as the headquarters manages to suffer from the same thing as example). (as I said before, during asset processing stability and connectivity tests and gameplay - as they work hand in hand - can be noticed easily)

Aside that, there was a testament of issues people were getting here some easily reproduced and some very hard to (given that Unreal is what it is and all).

That’s about it. Remember dev team, connectivity and ping, based on the geo distance between players give most sync errors and a hard time given the nature of the game. It is ambitious nevertheless, to try and develop a game that tries to connect people from all or different parts of the globe.

PS: dunno if they fixed the Nolan mask on Dutch for example and @OldKingHamlet or a member of @IllFonic said something about fixing it. I can’t check at the moment. If they did, a big thanks for that.

To be honest, for a date like an anniversary, I was expecting a Gauntlet mod and fixing at least a few major bugs.

The bug fixes from the latest DLCs are definitely good, the Emissary model is pretty well done. For the last 3 DLCs, the devs are fulfilling the community request “stop cosplay, give us movie predators”. All this is great! I think there was a lot of cool canonical stuff released in 3 DLCs that covered this request for the most part.
But then another problem crept up - the gameplay didn’t change for six months or more. The gameplay style depends on new weapons, equipment (for both sides) and a significant rebalance of the current ones.
If my memory serves me, I remember how six months ago Sony in their blog said “We see a request from the community for new mods.” And still no gears for pred. Summing up, the players are tired of the unchanging gameplay and balance, bug issues.
It would be great if you singled out one big patch with fixing old bugs, rebalancing, improving QoL. What the community is also asking across the forum.


I can’t confirm the name of the dev that had acted that wasn’t, and it wasn’t acted toward’s me, but a friend of mine. He told me the whole story, and from the way he described it, the dev responsible was the very higher up, as in the very dev who created the ideas for the game itself. The story he told me was back in the day when you could put just Fearless, and Impenetrable on the Berserker before Speciliazation’s even existed. He had been aware of the movie where slamming the ground with the combi-stick which could down all 4 Fireteam members if they were in a certain range. He was very good at the game, and discovered that when equipped on the Berserker it was not completely overpowered. There was still a way for the Fireteam members, to down that Pred class if they all had grenades, and nee the game, and map enough to find where the Pred was. When that dev, and a few other’s were playing Fireteam (not streaming it at the time) He had downed all off them with the slam attack, and won the game. They were clearly upset about the loss, and sent him toxic messages on his Playstation 4, and even accused him of being a hacker (I’ve played with that person long enough to confirm he’s not a hacker, he is too strategic about every class of Fireteam, and Predator, while also being so when navigating the map to even be one) He finally told them that if they did not like the changes they made they could work on the game to make new ones. Apparently those dev’s were still very upset about the entire ordeal, and the next update heavily nerfed not just the Berserker, but all Predator classes. In the first patch I noticed that more bug’s had popped up, because the game could not handle it. The more recent patches have been when adding new content with not only ignoring all the bug’s that needed to be fixed, but the more the Fireteam became Overpowered, while the Predator classes are always nerfed weapon, perk, and gear wise. Which is my guess of how we ended up in this mess, an unbalanced…broken game with the unhappy fanbase you are currently facing. Even though they did apologize to that person later on, they still seem upset about the entire ordeal, because they keep doing the exact same thing every patch. Overpowering the Fireteam, Nerfing the Predator=unfixed bug’s + new ones=unbalanced, and broken game=very unhappy community.

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If this is true then we have a case of the Devs actually being bitchmade and nerfing Predator because they can’t win (which TBF going by the livestreams does not surprise anyone)

But also, gonna need more sauce than just a description of a friend’s match. This is the internet, people can lie all the time.


This actually sounds believable.

I bet they laughed at the pred while sipping their soy lattes.


Where’s the fireteams update?
Where’s the weapons update?
Where’s the Perks updates?

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I did actually think was a lie, and thought that they were at the time badmouthing the dev’s, but I’ve actually also heard a few other friend’s say the same thing. Plus not only that, but the friend who told this story not only LOVE’s the Predator franchise, and seem’s to not have any ill will toward’s them…he actually was the FIRST person who pointed out that the game was unbalanced, and broken WAY LONG before anyone else knew the issues of the bug’s, and balancing issues. HE pointed it out before anyone on this forum even realized it. When that happened, the more I thought about it…the more it makes sense with how the game is being treated with each patch.

The devs who developed the game would not behave like that. All balance changes we make are based off of feedback on the forums, Reddit, and other platforms. Definitely not because one or two devs would like to make it so.

As I said before, if you encounter inappropriate behavior from any members of the IllFonic team, please report them with as much proof as possible. This type of behavior is unacceptable.


I know its your job and I actually think you aren’t that bad for a laugh , but im sorry , feedback being taken into consideration that players have put forward? I think that statement is totally false and if you say it isn’t false? Then I would like to know who’s feedback they have been following because they sound comical.

But I get its your job , its not you personally thats responsible for the games state , alot of us were here since the beta and we just know how false that is


Kass, you’re a queen, you’re awesome, and you deserve better. But I know 100% that this statement is only meant to make Illfonic look good, and is completely false and not your honest opinion. Its not true, it CANNOT logically be true; the balance-based feedback expressed on here, Reddit, Facebook, Twitter, etc. for the last two years has NOT been taken into any account. If any, only the smallest, littlest thing. There would not be such a universal outcry from every platform for changes if your statement was true.


Illfonic devs nerfing preds to shit and buffing FT to hell to they can have better winrate while playing as FT is not that hard to believe.



tbh the more I learn about Illfonic, like their working conditions, how they work, the amount of people and cases like this about the people themselves, the more I see them as money-hungry manbabies that can’t take an L, and would rather let the game self-destruct itself with glitches and bugs than actually make it a better title (which would give them MORE money because MORE people would enjoy playing it and let others know its a good experience).


Ok…yup, there it is…thank you for proving point…time to screenshot this for a video later. That is THE MOST sus response I’ve ever seen, and DEFIENTLY NOT true

Step into my office 😉